Thursday, February 19, 2009

And... enter characters that aren't an author's persona (or their past self).

The colors are the only way to tell people apart so far so I thought I'd better make the Adventurers all three primaries.

Never gonna cameo GreaseMonkey again...

What you mean "you're too lazy to make topics"?

That's Underload (ing)!

Time Chessvel

Stupid Blogger resizing at the "Large" size!

X-ish specs are coming to town

Wow. A first!

Grow, little world, grow like a tree...

I forgot to close a loop I think... :/

Two worlds

So, basically, Asie's over there in xManaclif, and Nupa's over here in Xyzzy. And now they're both text-graphic'd. Great.

A very large world in one room.


A cliff of mana with an "X". That's what I would wish for.

Heh :P

Asciikierkism is here

This is the new location of Asciikierkismatic, the text-art comic strip. Um, I guess I should start posting the comics.